About Us


A Mission of Movement

Founded in 2008, Dancin'4 Ever's mission is to put movement to music and dancing in a fun, hip, energetic and supportive environment for all ages.

Krisie Allen, owner/founder and choreographer of Dancin'4 Ever hopes to inspire and instill in others her passion and love of dance. She has a lifetime of experience, including numerous competitions in the Washington Metropolitan area, New York City, and the Steel Pier in Atlantic City with the Tony Grant Stars of Tomorrow. With a bachelor's degree in elementary education and 13 years as an elementary school teacher, she has returned to her first love...the love of dance. Start now and make your Dancin'4 Ever dreams come true. 


Why Dance?

Dancing has a wide range of physical and mental benefits
for all ages, shapes and sizes.


· Improves balance, coordination, agility and flexibility

· Increases strength and aerobic fitness

· Boosts self confidence and self esteem

· Improves mental functioning